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In the absence of a list-keeping web site that moves things together or up the list because I have thought about them more I shall keep a list here and add to it / move things about / edit it as I go along – it feels as though it might work better as a flow chart, but that way much time playing with web sites potentially lies. Better to make the list first and make it clever or more beautiful if I happen to fall over the technology.

When CPs do the R&A they should set themselves concrete, measurable, timed goals. And the better ones have a mix – of the immediate and practical (something like trying different ways of running feedback) and the longer term and more developmental (like acknowledging they avoid phonology and making some start on reading and techniques).
Can I shape this blog into a framework that does that for me ? The whole blog. Shapes the things I do, so instead of just burbling at tolerant friends that it is all connected and the different jobs I do feed into each other, I can actually see how and where the connections are ?
Neither time nor numbers in sight in here yet though … still, have to start somewhere.

Questions arising
How to standardise feedback on Module Three drafts
Why do I think working together is always the method for them to aim for ? Especially when I am so bad at doing it myself ? Read about constructivism, not airy fan mentions, but find research that shows me why / how it works (and then maybe I will be able to exploit the elements most likely to be effective).
Do models make things worse or better ? read more about genre and communities.
Beliefs or practice ? Which one comes first ? Find research – articulate question properly.

Build more generative Module One projects (they might be called projects, but only some really work in the way I’d like, several are just tasks to do as a group, not tasks that have to be done as a group or that make more sense as a group, where more people leads to more results).
Make some cite reading tasks of our own rather than just linking to ones on the web.
Get feedback on Module Three and Module One more systematically (so can use to prioritise what I’m working on). How about different techniques and compare results ?

Responses to watching lessons
Write something logical to combat the ‘they speak L1 if I put them in pairs’ response.
Find accessible research about presentation versus practice and time ratios so it stops being the whimsical demand of a Cambridge oriented Delta trainer and becomes something I can show is proven to be effective practice

Things done
When I wrote the sample assignment I wrote it because we needed one and someone had just asked again why there wasn’t a skills assignment and could they see one (and because it snowed). I didn’t think it would be part of this, but writing it brought up many new things to think about. So maybe I should just document things I do (if I really believe it all links together). Lately in class the things that were different that worked well that would perhaps work as a post here.
Lexical phrase sequence 3Feb13 resulting in the new question Does breaking things down into steps do more harm than good ? If I put more things in place to scaffold someone to the point they need to be at, how do I stop those steps taking away from their learning (if they don’t write it down they need to do something else to remember it)  … Go back to Dewey … sure there was something in there 
Speakiing for presentations sequence

What to do next (usually this is asked immediately post Delta) if you want to become a Delta tutor. I promised to do that as a first post long ago …

The kernel of this blog started when I realised I was only reading reactively when I read back the transcripts from the Delta trainer project phone calls. In the summer I decided I should read things so I could articulate an underlying philosophy (and what put that idea in my head – already that has got lost – write stuff down when it occurs to you).
I want to read more extensively / systematically and documenting that I’ve done it helps me realise that it is (or in the face of workload isn’t) happening.

In August – Dewey Experience and Education (and can’t remember where the idea to start there came from either) was delighted in the way he seemed to be saying things I was thinking about – the same tensions.
In the autumn – Zull The Art of Changing the Brain interrupting the two below because it was a borrowed book (but that was better, meant it had to be finished to go back).
Currently most of the way through Guy Deutscher Through the Looking Glass because of an interest in language and thought.
And part way into Teach Like a Champion because someone referenced it and several others that I had not thought of as the stuff of ELT teaching in an R&A assignment interesting enough to make me think I should try the books.
So I think I read a lot, but it turns out it is usually bits of books to check things (read a lot about writing very fast two weeks ago to do the sample background assignment, but that felt different) or novels and not much else. Maybe as with other things keeping track will help me do it more systematically.
Also need to keep track in order to go back to / what resonated or posed the same questions I’m currently (or always) trying to solve. Spend too much time nodding in agreement, but not enough time linking it all up. Notes ? Summary to self ? Where ? How can I network these things ? When I put links in these posts it just takes me to a post, not to a thought.
Perhaps if put up notes from one of the recent reads somewhere I will see how that can work.

Need also to keep track of what I have seen that I think I want to read (and why if it is someone / something I don’t know well – wish list on Amazon sometimes a mystery when I go back to it later).
Maybe reading needs its own page / post … should I be doing these things I want to edit and keep coming back to on pages or on posts …


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