The classroom management session rewrite

Do we all get caught in the same traps ? Me and the CPs ?
Are they inevitable ? Are they traps ?
Maybe you should just tell people things.
I really ought to try and dig out research to support learning by doing as more effective … it might feel instinctively right to me, but it clearly doesn’t to everyone (going by many lessons I’ve watched), shall add it to the to do list.
But actually it felt better that they did things in that session, even if the outcomes were not so clear.
And when I get a chance to do it again, I could make a work a fair bit more smoothly and can work at making the outcomes clearer.

Going back to something that you haven’t done for a while makes you see it with new eyes. I hadn’t done a session on classroom management for a couple of years but I had notes from the last time. (The new version used below is here). When I read them over the week before I was due to do it, two things struck me

  1. It was trainer centred in that activities fed information to the CPs about or led them through a couple of areas I wanted them to know about, but didn’t ask for much from them.
  2. Where learners can use language a lot in lessons, you can’t always get teachers to teach in sessions (‘teaching’ each other a language you all already know is rarely helpful, ‘teaching’ each other what you know about teaching works for some things in some ways, but is limited). But one thing you can get them to do is the classroom management.

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Module Three and draft marking

I need more people draft marking on Module Three. But how do I keep track of what is happening and how do we make sure those who haven’t been doing it for so long can do it well ? What does knowing how to do it entail ?
How did I learn to do it ?

  1. Reading the guidelines and reports.
  2. Reading (and draft marking) lots of assignments.
  3. Seeing what passed and what didn’t.
  4. Being standardized.

So if I learnt that way, isn’t that enough ?
But then if I can make the process more efficient / faster, why not do so ? It could preempt me needing to answer lots of queries and might avoid other learning curve problems.

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