Reading and Delta Module Two

What – ways to make sure you can access and use what you read.

Who for – it started from me trying to find things to suggest to people doing Delta Module One and wanting to ‘study’ for the Paper Two Task Four, but I think it would work well for Module Two research and for people planning to do intensives (and wanting a preparation plan).

You need to read, but what ? How ? And how can you process it / remember it ?

For Delta Module Two (while you are doing it if you are on a part time course, or as preparation if you are going to do an intensive), start using Evernote (why that one ? you could probably achieve the same ends with other services, it is creating and building a personal system that matters, not which tool you do it with – if you have done something similar with a different system, perhaps you could comment here or link to it). Continue reading Reading and Delta Module Two