I teach language. I’ve taught in adult language schools, briefly in high schools and for a long time I taught on the MBA prep programme that ran in the Institute of Business in Istanbul University. Currently I teach for ESP, a company that specializes in providing courses in business English.

I also train teachers. I did a little in service work, became a Delta trainer, went on to work on ICELT and then CELTA courses as well, but lately have focused exclusively on Delta and currently work for ITI Istanbul and the Distance Delta in different but complementary roles.

I try to get people to notice things, understand things, do things that I think will help them learn – language learners, English teachers and more recently Delta tutors – and lately I’ve realised that I’m not taking as much of my own advice as I used to. This is an attempt to address that lack.

I wrote a chapter in a book with Tom recently about developing the Module One course. You can download it from here or here.
I did a Webinar on development for teachers in Turkey for the BC for teachers in 2012 and the recording is here.

The ITI home page.
The ITI Moodles.
The Distance DELTA.
The language school I work for is called ESP. and I often make wikis for classes like this one.  or recently I’ve been persuaded to branch out into other territories.

I have a new project in a site for people who are preparing for Delta or waiting to do a Module. Though it is only a few pages so far


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I have just watched the recorded webinar conducted by you. It was enjoyable. Missing the old days…. I have got some ideas and downloaded two books already. Take care…

    1. Webinars turned out to be a great deal more complex than I realised Asligul. Heike was a great guide, but we met up on line a couple of times beforehand so she could take me through how it all worked and it was still very hard to keep an eye on all that was happening simultaneously – what the participants were saying in the chat, where I had got to with slides, what I wanted to say next, whether I could respond to things they were bringing up then and there (and often Heike’s voice saying ‘and smile’). I’m glad I did it, but it would need much more practice to become slicker at it.
      Glad it gave you some ideas though and hope you have some interesting puzzles to work on in your own environment.

  2. Actually, before I watched your webinar, I had already come up with a realistic project and even mentioned it to the new head of the department in our school (a sensible one she is. I like her!), that is, I had offered to give workshops, as this was my ambition to become a trainer, and, thinking it would be a good start, I had suggested presenting in-house workshops (as teachers come up to me every now and then and ask for ideas. Obviously, there is the need for this kind of an event). She approached the matter positively and said that this was on her agenda for the second term. Keeping my fingers crossed…. Your webinar was a first-time experience for me. I would like to follow such events on a regular basis. What sources do you suggest? Or, can you let me know if there is a new one coming up soon? I would like to take an active part in your future webinar if you have any more to conduct. All the best ….

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